About SIBO Diagnostics


At SIBO Diagnostics, we believe that SIBO testing is more than just a test. Our mission is to provide superior quality SIBO Testing and education services that assist Naturopathic and Medical Doctors assist their patients.

We understand that without education and a proper understanding of physiology, treatment, and patient individuality, the end goal of optimal patient outcome cannot be achieved. It is with this in mind that we have exclusively partnered with Dr. Preet Khangura ND, a leading SIBO Expert in Canada.

Testing with SIBO Diagnostics not only provides industry leading testing, but also includes exclusive complimentary phone consultations with Dr. Khangura for ordering physicians, to discuss results and challenging patient cases. 

Dr. Preet Khangura, ND is a fixture in the world of SIBO diagnosis, treatment, and education. His naturopathic practice is strongly focused on SIBO and its correlated conditions. He has pioneered protocols and strives to share his knowledge with other doctors to help them achieve best clinical outcomes. 

Dr. Khangura also provides extensively researched and clinically relevant annual SIBO seminars to doctors across Canada.  In the last 2 years, he has had the pleasure to help educate more than 300 doctors on the details of SIBO diagnosis, correlations, and treatments.  He has shared his clinically developed and tested herbal formulations with other health care providers across North America to help them achieve resolution in their patients.