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SIBO Diagnostics is proud to be the Exclusive Canadian distributor of the trio-smart® test

The trio-smart® breath test is the most complete and cutting-edge diagnostic tool in SIBO testing. It can measure all 3 forms of intestinal bacterial gases:

  • Hydrogen (H2)

  • Methane (CH4)

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Hydrogen and methane levels are readily measured with pre-existing SIBO breath tests. But with the trio-smart®, clinicians can now stop the guessing game and confirm if their patient has H2S SIBO. Determining the exact type(s) of SIBO is crucial in treating patients.

trio-smart Sample Collection Instructions

If you are a health care practitioner and would like more information on how to order a trio-smart® test for your patients or your clinic, please email us at [email protected]

The Superior Approach to SIBO Breath Testing

trio-smart® provides a complete bacterial fermentation gas profile

Hydrogen sulfide & methane producing microorganisms use hydrogen as a fuel source, leading to masking of true hydrogen levels on breath tests. The trio-smart® test provides a complete picture of the interplay of all three gases.


trio-smart® is the only breath test that can measure hydrogen sulfide gas, in addition to hydrogen and methane gases

Patients with hydrogen sulfide SIBO may have “normal” levels of hydrogen and methane on other versions of breath tests, which may cause SIBO to be falsely ruled out. The trio-smart® eliminates this problem, with its ability to accurately measure hydrogen sulfide gas in the breath sample.


trio-smart® breath gas analysis is precise and reliable

The detection of the trio-smart® is +/- 0.1ppm (parts per million). Conventional breath testing has a detection sensitivity of +/- 2ppm.

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